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Surface Preparation & Coatings

Automated, single-source solution with innovative J-BOT robotic technology and support crew, using ultra-high-pressure water for corrosion treatment and prevention with maximum work schedule flexibility and time savings.

Friction Reducers & Lubricants 

Environmentally friendly ProOne additive engineered for high performance in the field to help meet today’s drilling challenges, increase drilling productivity and reduce energy consumption, downtime and maintenance.

Benchmarking & Consulting 

Plant performance enhancement through proven Solomon Associates professional expertise designed to benchmark and implement best practices for maximizing long-term margins, operational efficiency and workforce optimization.

Your Partner for Success

We provide unique, value-added products and services. Our customers range from local niche operators to blue chip multi-nationals. We partner only with the best to offer you proven, effective, cost-efficient, environmentally-conscious solutions.

The Leading Edge in Surface Preparation Technology

J-BOT technology combines remotely operated robotic units with ultra-high pressure water jetting and support crew. It’s an automated, single-source solution that delivers safer, faster, longer-lasting, more efficient and environmentally-friendly large-surface preparation that’s proven across thousands of storage tanks, gas spheres and ship hulls.


Reza Energy was established to provide products and services for the energy and industrial sectors throughout the GCC region. Our professionals have long and wide-ranging experience across the dynamic energy sector.

Reza Energy Products & Services is a division of Reza Investment Company.

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