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Reza Energy is committed to providing world-class services to our customers.

We realize this commitment requires developing a diverse and global network of qualified suppliers.

From this site, a supplier can gain a better understanding of Reza Energy’s supplier requirements. Reza Energy strives to develop a broad array of products and services to upstream oil and gas customers within the GCC.

Reza Energy’s Code of Business Conduct requires that our employees treat suppliers fairly, with honesty and integrity. Similarly, our suppliers will be required to comply with all applicable laws, Reza’s own code of Business Conduct, and other Reza Energy requirements for ethical business conduct as set forth in any supplier contract. Our supplier selections are based upon the superior value offered by any supplier in the goods and/or services they provide.


Reza Energy was established to provide products and services for the energy and industrial sectors throughout the GCC region. Our professionals have long and wide-ranging experience across the dynamic energy sector.

Reza Energy Products & Services is a division of Reza Investment Company.

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