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100% green engineered drilling lubricant additives.

ProOne is an environmentally friendly additive engineered for high performance in the field to help meet today’s drilling challenges, increased drilling productivity and reduce energy consumption, downtime and maintenance. Its performance has been proven across applications in manufacturing, mining, oil drilling and transportation.

Performance when it really counts.

ProOne protects rig equipment and enhances drilling performance better than anything else on the market. Bottom-line benefits include increased drilling productivity, lower energy and fuel consumption, reduced downtime, reduced wear, lower maintenance costs, and extended equipment life under the most extreme conditions.

Technology that protects the environment.

The breakthrough, environmentally-friendly ProOne line of products takes lubrication to the next level. Its Xtreme Pressure Lubrication (XPL+) core technology has a strong ionic (+) charge. So it bonds to metal for extreme pressure performance and protection that’s 50 times more powerful than typical lubricants.

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